Trunk Injections

Trunk Injections in West Chester & Nearby Areas

Homeowners who have mature trees on their property know that it can be a battle from season to season to keep them healthy and protected from invasive pests and disease. Through the latest technology and equipment, a Trunk Injection offers a cost-effective approach for quick results. These applications have become the most affordable way to achieve proven protection, such as trunk injecting Ash trees with Tree-Age G4 to protect against Emerald Ash Borer.

What is a Trunk Injection?

Trunk Injections refer to a process where small holes are drilled into the tree in which pesticides are directly injected into the trunk of the tree. By injecting at the base of the trunk, into the root collar, the pesticide is carried through the vascular system and spread evenly throughout the tree. Unlike soil injections that can take weeks to enter into the tree’s vascular system through the roots, typical distribution of the product through Trunk Injections can take as little as a week to spread evenly throughout the tree. Our trained Certified Arborist will assess your trees and explain when Trunk Injections are the ideal approach for the most consistent results.

Trunk Injections are Environmentally Friendly

Many homeowners don’t want pesticides and chemicals sprayed on their property to achieve complete coverage of their trees or shrubs. Trunk Injection treatments are self-contained in the tree and provide very little exposure to your family, pets and the environment. Our tree doctors at Rick’s Certified Arborists provide these applications as the least invasive way to tackle pests such as tree insects and diseases on your property while keeping your tree health first.

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