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Rick’s Certified Arborists offers a full range of individualized ecological plant and tree care services across Montgomery County, including Pottstown. Call 610-840-2655 to learn more or schedule your free estimate.

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Benefits of Hiring A Certified Arborist in Pottstown: Backed by our Certified Arborist, John Rogalsky, here in Pottstown, PA, we use state-of-the-art management strategies to improve and maintain the health and visual aesthetics of your landscape. We are committed to providing individualized solutions tailored to each customer’s needs and goals for the long-term health of your trees and shrubs. You don’t want just anyone treating and spraying your trees, a Certified Arborist knows how to prevent and protect your most valuable outdoor assets.

Property Inspections: Prevention is always better than treating a problem once it occurs. We recommend scheduling property inspections in the spring and fall. Once we are familiar with your property, we can identify common problems with key plants and develop a maintenance plan that works for you.

Tree Care: Here at Rick’s PHC Certified Arborists, we take great pride in caring for our communities’ trees and shrubs. Tree care is comprised of several elements, such as the short-term health and long-term health of your trees and foliage. We have an impressive line of services for professional tree care by a Certified Arborist. Some of these include Soil injections, System Bark Sprays, Foliar Sprays, Trunk Injections, and much more.

Tree Wellness:  Promote overall tree health and wellness with our Tree Wellness programs. This will help maintain the long-term health of your trees and landscape and keep them looking beautiful. Some of the ways we do this are with Growth Regulators, Deep Root Feeding of your Trees, Winter Deer Protection, and Air Spade Root Collar Excavation. Contact us today to get a game plan for the overall wellness of your trees!

Insect ControlA great way to promote great health and long-term viability of your trees and shrubs is through controlling and managing harmful insects. There are various insects in our part of the country here in Pennsylvania that will wreak major havoc on your trees and cause them to wither and look sickly. Ultimately you want to prevent these pests from invading your trees, but sometimes it catches you by surprise. This is when Rick’s can come in and put together a plan of attack to get your property rid of these insects. If you suspect that you have an insect problem with your trees, call us today for a Free Inspection.

Disease Prevention:  Another important aspect of promoting healthy and luscious trees is preventing diseases from harming and killing your trees. Just like people, trees are susceptible to several different diseases that can take over and cause major problems. The good news is that our team here at Rick’s PHC Certified Arborists have extensive experience in treating sickly trees. If you are noticing your trees not looking healthy or just want an expert opinion, we know how to address these issues and put together a quick and swift treatment program. We are happy to come and take a look

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Certified Arborist and Applicator John Rogalsky was working at Rick’s Tree Service when he helped develop a plant and tree health care division known as Rick’s Certified Arborists. With 13 years of experience in the industry, John is passionate about delivering customized solutions to meet each customer’s needs and goals.

Call 610-840-2655 to learn more or schedule your free estimate.

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to learn more or schedule your free estimate.

If you’ve been noticing the plants on your property don’t seem to look the way they once did, or if you want to make sure you maintain their health, give us a call today. We will schedule a time to walk the property with our Certified Arborist and ensure your landscape stay healthy and beautiful all year long. We service Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

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