Tree Wellness Services throughout West Chester, PA

Our tree wellness program is designed to provide homeowners with an ecological Tree and Shrub Health Care option. Our clients located throughout Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Chester County areas of Pennsylvania enjoy healthier, fuller and more beautiful landscapes.

By implementing our management plan, we can improve the visual aesthetics of your property and help maintain the overall health of your landscape. Backed by the knowledge of our Certified Arborist, we use state-of-the-art application methods to improve results and reduce the exposure of your trees to damaging insects and disease.

property Inspections by Rick's Plant Health Care


Property Inspections are the cornerstone to maintaining the health of your landscape. Our Certified Arborist will identify problems with your trees and shrubs and put an action plan together before significant damage is done. Our 13 plus years experience allows us to immediately determine key problems within your landscape and then develop an effective management plan to return your landscape to its natural splendor.

Rick's Plant Health Care Deep Root Feeding Tree Care


Deep root feeding is a fertilization process we employ to help correct nutrient deficiencies in the soil. This service is designed to encourage better root growth, denser canopies, improve the foliage color while making your trees and shrubs more resistant to pests and diseases.

growth regulations


Growth Regulator is an effective product we inject into the soil to allow trees and shrubs to grow at a controlled rate. This provides many health benefits for your trees, plants, and shrubs and allows them to become more stress resistant. From your perspective, it reduces the amount of pruning and general maintenance required to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

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If you’ve been noticing that some of the trees and shrubs on your property don’t seem to look the way they once did, or if you want to make sure you maintain their health, give us a call today. We will schedule a time to walk the property with our Certified Arborist and ensure your landscape stay healthy and beautiful all year long. We service Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

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