Deep Root Feeding

Deep Root Feeding Services in West Chester, PA

One of the best ways to make sure that your trees and shrubs survive our changing climate and harsh seasons is to use a process called Deep Root Feeding. This application pushes nutrients that your trees and shrubs need to remain healthy deep into the soil targeting the fibrous roots where the most nutrients can be absorbed. By depositing the plant nutrients so close to the roots the tree or shrub will get more of the nutrients that it needs to remain healthy. Just like you need the right vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, your landscape shrubs need these them as well. Our experienced Arborists know exactly how to apply the treatments that will give your trees and shrubs the nutrition they require to thrive.

The Best Times for Deep Root Feeding

You can schedule a Deep Root Feeding just about any time of the year. However, this treatment is usually best applied in the Spring and Fall seasons. In the early spring, your trees are ready to burst into bloom and put forth a lot of energy and effort into pushing out a full canopy. Deep Root Feeding in preparation of summer can give your trees the extra boost they need to stay healthy during the summer season.

An additional Deep Root Feeding is recommended in the fall as well and can be completed as early as October. During the winter months, all of your trees and shrubs focus on developing a stronger root system. The experience of a Certified Arborist guarantees the use of the appropriate products and treatment processes which will optimize root growth assist your trees in overcoming the stress of the current season.

What Happens During Deep Root Feedings?

When one of our tree specialists performs a Deep Root Feeding, they insert a soil probe into the ground near the fibrous roots of the trees or shrubs on your property. They will deliver the correct amount of liquid nutrients through a soil injection device that deposits the nutrients close to the roots. Our plant health experts use the highest quality nutrient formulas explicitly designed to meet the needs of trees and shrubs in the Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery areas. So, you can be confident your trees and shrubs are getting the plant nutrients that they need to survive our harsh seasons.

A Non-Toxic Solution

In addition to our standard approved application, we offer a completely organic solution for those who desire it. The solution that is used to give nutrients to your trees and shrubs is non-toxic and contains only the vitamins and minerals that trees and shrubs need to be healthy. The solution is deposited directly into the ground near the root of the tree or shrub there is no danger to pets or kids as well as your water and soil.

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