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Ricks- Tree Wellness

Tree Wellness

Our trusted Tree Care Services provide homeowners with an ecological Plant Health Care option. Rick’s Certified Arborists is proud to help homeowners located in the West Chester region and throughout Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Chester County regions of Pennsylvania so they can enjoy healthy, beautiful landscapes.

By implementing a Custom Tree Care plan tailored for your property, we can enhance the visual beauty of your landscaping and help maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. Backed by the experience of ISA Certified Arborists, we use advanced application methods to minimize the exposure of your trees to damaging insects and diseases.

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Ricks- Disease (black knot)

Insect & Disease Control

Homeowners who want stress free Tree Care and an unmatched landscape can get the insect and disease management that they need for their trees without damaging the environment or creating a hazard for kids, pets, and local wildlife. Our unique Integrated Pest Management Program takes a new approach to protect your trees and shrubs from pests.

We use low-impact modern methods to make sure that your landscape is protected from pests and to minimize the impact of pesticides on the environment. Property owners who want to keep their trees and shrubs healthy without disturbing the natural beauty of the environment love our commitment to using the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly methods for Insect and Disease Control.

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Ricks- Tree Planting 2

Tree Planting

Rick’s Certified Arborists provides expert tree planting services that cater to homeowners across the West Chester area and the wider regions of Delaware, Montgomery, and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania. We understand the importance of selecting the right trees for your landscape and ensuring they are planted in a way that promotes their long-term growth and health. 

Our team, guided by Certified Arborists, meticulously evaluates your needs and plants pest and disease resistant varieties of trees that will thrive in your specific environment, have lowered maintenance costs, and provide enhanced enjoyment. Through our professional tree planting services, we not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also contribute to the sustainability and biodiversity of the local ecosystem.

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Ricks- Tree Inspections 3

Tree Inspections

Tree Inspections are key to maintaining the health of your landscape. Our Certified Arborists will diagnose issues with your trees and shrubs and devise a solution before serious damage is done. Our years of experience allow us to immediately spot problems within your landscape and then create and execute an effective management plan to return your property to normal.

Ricks- Tree Inspections 1

The Benefits of Proper Tree Care

Investing in working with a Certified Arborist can help enhance the value of your property. Expert Arborists from our Tree Care company will not only ensure that your large trees and landscaping are in pristine condition, but they also contribute to creating a more inviting and safe environment.

Additionally, properties with well-maintained trees and yards are often appraised at higher values, as potential buyers appreciate the excellent service and long-term health benefits that come with professional tree and shrub care. As a result, reaching out to Rick’s Certified Arborists is a smart choice for West Chester residents and other Pennsylvania homeowners who wish to improve their property’s market value.

Nobody wants to deal with the loss of a tree on their property. However, by taking good care of your trees, the likelihood you’ll have to spend money and time on dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be greatly reduced. Our locally-owned West Chester, PA, Tree Service will help your property become a safer place.

The Certified Arborists on our team will help mitigate and eliminate risks that can compromise the safety of your family and house. The preventative inspections and treatments we offer will help keep your yard free from potential dangers and ensure that your trees remain safe for years to come.

Keeping your landscaping beautiful goes well beyond simple tree trimming. With the help of our professional Arborist Services, local homeowners can elevate the natural beauty of their landscaping. As one of the best Tree Care companies in the area, we’ll help you maintain the prestige of owning a large tree.

Through specialized landscaping services and shrub care, our Expert Arborists do an amazing job of improving the tree’s appearance and ensuring it compliments your home’s landscape. The end result is a visually appealing yard that stands out by bringing out the best in your property’s greenery.

By absorbing significant amounts of rainfall through their expansive root systems, trees can act as natural sponges. They help reduce runoff and erosion, directing stormwater away from your house and into the ground, where it replenishes aquifers.

As such, caring for their well-being ensures that they continue to manage stormwater on your property. Reaching out to our ISA-certified arborists for professional treatments and injections will help your trees stay healthy, which contributes to the long-term health of both your property and the local ecosystem.

property Inspections by Rick's Plant Health Care


Residential Tree Inspections are the cornerstone to maintaining the health of your landscape. Our Certified Arborist will identify problems with your trees and shrubs and put an action plan together before significant damage is done. Our 13 plus years experience allows us to immediately determine key problems within your landscape and then develop an effective management plan to return your landscape to its natural splendor.

growth regulations


Growth Regulator is an effective product we inject into the soil to allow trees and shrubs to grow at a controlled rate. This provides many health benefits for your trees and shrubs and allows them to become more stress resistant. From your perspective, it reduces the amount of pruning and general maintenance required to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

Rick's Plant Health Care Deep Root Feeding Tree Care


Deep root feeding is a fertilization process we employ to help correct nutrient deficiencies in the soil. This service is designed to encourage better root growth, denser canopies, improve the foliage color while making your trees and shrubs more resistant to pests and diseases.

Photo of the Tree Injection Process


Trunk Injections refer to a process where small holes are drilled into the tree so that pesticides can be directly injected into the trunk to keep your trees healthy and protected from invasive pests and disease.

tree care soil injections


Soil Injections are used to inject nutrients and pest control elements deep into the soil near the root of the tree for a safer and more effective way to make sure your trees are protected from various insects and diseases.

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If you’ve noticed that the trees and shrubs on your property don’t seem to look the way they once did, give us a call today. We’ll arrange a time to walk the property with our Certified Arborist and ensure your landscape stays beautiful for years to come. We’re proud to serve Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and other Pennsylvania regions.

Whether you have a Beech that needs to be treated for a fungal infection or an old Oak that could benefit from Deep Root Feeding, you can trust that our team will always do a thorough job that will make a positive difference in your landscaping. Contact Rick’s Certified Arborists today to learn more and to schedule a tree care service for your property.

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