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Plant Growth Regulators in West Chester, PA

Through a powerful and effective product, a soil injected with Tree & Plant Growth Regulators, arborists have a product to assist homeowners in maintaining the natural beauty of their property. Plant growth regulators have to distinct benefits; reduced growth for decreased pruning maintenance and numerous health benefits for more stress resistant trees & shrubs. Our Certified Arborist has the experience and training to successfully use Plant Growth Regulators to achieve the best results.

What is a Plant Growth Regulator

A Tree and Plant Growth Regulator, applied as a soil injection, is used to slow the growth rate without harm to your trees and shrubs. Paclobutrazol decreases growth by inhibiting the formation of gibberellins, the hormone responsible for the elongation of limbs and shoots. The plant will still continue to grow, but as a decreased rate. Research has shown applications can create results typically offering 2-3 years of control.

The Benefits of Plant Hormones

Plant Hormones and Plant Growth Regulators are proven treatments, backed by years of research, for property owners to effectively manage their landscape. In addition to reduced limb/shoot elongation and reduced need for pruning, additional health benefits have also been discovered:

  • Increased fine root hair growth
  • Reducing construction damage
  • Increased drought tolerance
  • Increased production of Abscisic Acid
  • Increased production of Chlorophyll

Is a Plant Growth Regulator Safe

Plant Growth regulator treatments given by experienced Philadelphia plant care experts are totally safe. The method of delivering the treatments minimizes the impact of the chemical on the area and keeps pets and kids safe from any kind of exposure to the growth regulation solution. Plant growth regulation is a simple way to slow down the active growth of trees and plants so that you don’t have any explosive out of control growth of the trees and plants on the property.

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